What’s it like to be a Mountain Mike’s franchise owner?
Experienced franchisees share their perspective

You’ll hear a common thread when you start talking to Mountain Mike’s franchise owners: When they offer their franchise reviews of Mountain Mike’s, you’ll learn that they are enraptured by the quality of our pizza.

“If you look at some of our top franchisees in terms of average unit volume, number of units and growth, it’s because they have a commitment to the integrity and the execution of the product. They wholly believe in it, support it. You make the product the way you’re supposed to make it,” says Co-CEO Chris Britt. “That’s what gets them excited, and they do very, very well because of that execution.”

We talked to several Mountain Mike’s owners to find out what their experience has been like. Here’s what they had to say.

Community-minded brand

The most satisfying thing about being a Mountain Mike’s Pizza franchise owner is the limitless ability to grow my business and brand locally. Pizza is a community food, and when you have a good product and a savvy business model, business is good.
— Luis Seita, Brentwood, CA

Helping other franchisees thrive

As a long-standing area developer for 25 years now, I’ve had the chance to help a lot of people make their dreams come true. They’ve got into business, they’ve been successful, they’ve opened up multiple locations, and now they have a great life and I’m proud to be a part of that.
— David Laursen, Developer Agent, Northern California

New leadership is unlocking brand’s potential

Being with the Mountain Mike’s brand is a huge upside. When we got in, the new owners hadn’t purchased it yet. Since they took over, they’re moving with the times. They’re getting into high tech with the advertisement, the analytics. They’re out there. They’re building it for the newer generation to get in and take it to the next level.
— Yad Singh, Los Gatos, CA

Excellent food, proven track record

Why would I buy a Mountain Mike’s? First of all, let’s just talk about the product. I want to be selling something that is unique and excellent, and something you can be proud of it. Yeah, you can go sell a $5 pizza or a $10 pizza, but it’s garbage. My pizza is not garbage. Secondly, just the opportunity to grow. Mountain Mike’s is not a company that just showed up 5 or 10 years ago and just put 200 stores on the ground. We’ve been around for 40 years, and our growth has been steady. It’s been very, very steady.
— Robby Basati, Developer Agent & Multi-Unit Franchisee, Fresno, CA

Why I’m re-investing in more units

From 2002 to 2013 I had just one location, and after 2013 I opened another four. Because our brand is strong, our quality is good, our leadership is great under the new owners, and they are going on the right path now. Our company is growing overall and has a very bright future. So all of us, even franchisees are making money. It’s more profitable now.
— Goldie Buttar, Fremont, CA

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Franchisees provide their personal perspective of what the business has offered to their own families as well as the families they serve in their local community.

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Franchisees provide their personal perspective of what the business has offered to their own families as well as the families they serve in their local community.