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September 30, 2021

Mountain Mike’s Continues to Grow

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Despite the exceptional business challenges of 2020–2021, some industries not only survived but thrived. With increased demand for good carry-out and delivery food options, the quick-service restaurant business was among these industries. Pizza restaurants, already long experienced with delivery, did particularly well with consistently growing sales month over month.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza was no exception: same-store sales rose to unprecedented levels in 2020. Total average gross sales from our restaurants broke all records and reached $946,727 ($206M in total sales), with virtually every unit making its gross-sales range. The top 25% averaged over $1.4M each*.

(*More details are provided in the latest Franchise Information Report: scroll to the bottom of any website page to fill out the form and download a copy.)

The Secrets Behind Our Growth 

Mountain Mike’s has done so well because we prioritize serving the needs of our guests, team members and franchisees. We know what keeps a restaurant in business:

  • Product: Everything on the Mountain Mike’s menu, from the Garlic Sticks to specialty pizzas with Crispy Curly Pepperoni, is made with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.
  • Atmosphere: Mountain Mike’s has always been a family-friendly (and community- and sports-friendly) brand. As special health concerns have affected the in-person dining model since early 2020, we have worked hard to keep up to date with public needs and concerns.
  • People: We prioritize paying personal attention and meeting needs, not only for our guests, but for our franchisees and everyone who works for them. Respect and understanding are core values.

When guests experience a delicious product combined with efficient and respectful service, they return to our restaurants for more of the same. When team members are well-trained and valued, they excel at providing the products and service that keep same-store sales up. And when franchisees can depend on franchisors for personal attention and clear communications, they pass on the same to their staff and guests—and everyone reaps the benefits of high sales volume and continued restaurant growth.

Growing in New Directions

As of the end of 2021’s third quarter, same-store sales have continued their growth and units have achieved an average sales volume of $1.1M; average unit volume is at an all-time high ($1,416,645 for the top 25%); and sales are up 25.9% overall and 16.4% in comparable sales. By the end of the year, projections show over 250 units open and a total-sales increase of nearly 25% from 2020.

It’s not only same-store sales that drove, and continue to drive, the growth: Mountain Mike’s is also expanding its geographical territory. The latest long-term projections show 100 additional units in California within the next 5–7 years, plus new units in at least nine other states:

  • States outside California with currently operating units: Nevada, Oregon, Utah
  • States with their first units contracted and under development: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas (note: Texas is a key underserved market for the pizza business and has high potential to become the state with the most Mountain Mike’s locations after California)
  • Key target-market states: New Mexico, Washington

In same-store and new-store sales alike, Mountain Mike’s Pizza’s phenomenal growth promises to continue through 2022 and beyond.

Get In On the Growth: Become a Mountain Mike’s Franchisee

Pizza is always a promising choice for franchise investment: with an inexpensive product and a tradition of convenience, it remains in demand throughout hard times and good. If you’re based in a western state and looking for a pizza franchise to invest in, Mountain Mike’s is a great choice for profit potential, ongoing growth, brand appeal and quick access to expert advice. Visit our FAQ page to learn more, then scroll down to “5 Steps to Becoming a Mountain Mike’s Franchise Owner” to get started.