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September 23, 2022

Jim Metevier Named Top 25 Executive by Fast Casual

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Jim Metevier, the President and COO of Mountain Mike’s Pizza, was named a Top 25 Executive by Fast Casual this year. The fast casual industry is one of the most diverse and creative in the restaurant industry, which makes this recognition especially meaningful.

The 2022 Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers received hundreds of nominations for this year. Eventually, they pared it down to 75 brands and 25 executives who stand out in the industry as innovation and growth leaders.

Why Jim Metevier Is a Top 25 Executive

Jim has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. His experience includes time spent in executive positions in organizations such as YUM! Brands, where he was the COO of KFC U.S. During his time in these positions, he faced various obstacles and aided organizations in growth and success. Most specifically, he is known for his ability to be a catalyst for driving growth within the organizations he’s worked for, including growth in the system as a whole as well as in franchisee sales. Jim has helped organizations improve profitability and operational systems and processes, enhancing bottom lines and improving branding as he went.

A core component of Jim’s success is his passion for creating and driving people-focused cultures that support the development of his team while unleashing the entrepreneurial passion of the franchisees they serve. Starting as an assistant manager in a restaurant and working his way through multiple functions including finance, marketing, development and strategy has translated into a highly focused, balanced and empathetic leader that fully understands the challenges franchisees and operators face on a daily basis and ensures he and his team’s develop impactful solutions to support the entire system.

Jim Metevier and Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Jim came to Mountain Mike’s Pizza in 2018. Since that time, our organization has grown to nearly 270 restaurants. In 2021 alone, we opened 18 new locations. In 2022, we are on track to open 23 additional locations. The Mountain Mike’s Pizza brand achieved $250 million in annual sales for the first time in company history in 2021 and are on track to break the $280 million dollar barrier by the end of 2022.
During 2021, several changes occurred that helped the organization achieve these goals, including launching the Mountain Rewards® mobile app and loyalty program. These investments not only helped reward returning and loyal guests but also worked to create better engagement opportunities and more meaningful connections with customers. The program created personalized officers designed to meet the needs of each customer. The program launched in the middle of the year. By the end of this year, the organization expects to have grown the membership program to over 250,000 members.

Jim and the Mountain Mike’s Pizza team renewed their partnership with the San Francisco 49ers, as the “Official Pizza” for the NFL team. We also became an Official Pizza Partner for the Angels MLB team this year.

Jim’s successes at Mountain Mike’s Pizza are a clear indication, as are his other accomplishments, that he is a top leader in the fast casual industry.