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September 16, 2022

Mountain Mike’s Achieves Top FUND® Score Among all Evaluated Food Brands

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Mountain Mike’s Pizza is pleased to have received a FUND® Score of 915, an increase of 30 points from last year. This puts us in the top 1% of all franchised systems and is the top score among all evaluated food brands! Achieving a high FUND® Score means our franchisees have access to the best credit terms, more fixed rate financing, lower equity payments and experience an easier financing process overall.

What exactly is a FUND® Score?

The FUND® Score is the best predictor of performance of a franchise system that publicly available information can provide. It is similar to a consumer’s FICO score. The maximum number of points a franchise system can earn in the Franchise Credit Scoring (FUND) Model is 950.

Franchise Credit Scoring (FUND) Model

Why is the FUND® Score Important?

A brand’s FUND® Score demonstrates to franchise lenders a franchise’s ability to offer their franchisees one of the strongest performances in the franchise industry while providing the financing support necessary to be successful in a highly competitive and volatile environment.

A total of 13 risk and performance categories are evaluated for each brand. The resulting score assists banks with the underwriting process for an individual loan.

Since the score is based on a consistently applied methodology and each franchise system is underwritten to this same standard, lender use of FUND® Scores eliminates underwriting inconsistencies and interpretation issues.

What Does Mountain Mike’s Pizza’s FUND® Score mean for business investors?

According to FRANdata, franchise research and advisory firm, Mountain Mike’s Pizza franchise system’s 2022 FUND® Score of 915 increased by 30 points from last year and is the top score among all evaluated food brands and places us in the top 1% of all evaluated franchise systems.

With a FUND® Score of 915, Mountain Mike’s Pizza ranks high in the six franchise system performance and seven franchisor performance categories evaluated. These are key indicators of a healthy franchise system.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza has established partnerships with strategic lenders and has a variety of financing options available. Mountain Mike’s Pizza invested in a Bank Credit Report (BCR) which helps form strategic partnerships with banks to create financing options for franchisees.

It is a great time to join Mountain Mike’s Pizza! We are looking for seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced franchisees who want to add a solid investment to their portfolio.