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Customers love what we do. As for the latest trends, we embraced them before they were trendy.

Some of the biggest food trends of 2020 include plant-based food, low-carb and gluten-free. A lot of pizzerias will make a big deal about adding this gluten-free crust or that plant-based meat alternative, and certainly, we applaud that. But in the history of Mountain Mike’s franchising, we’ve always had a philosophy of meeting the needs of the customer. That’s why we’ve had a gluten-free crust on our menu for years, and a plant-based pizza for as long as we can remember.

People might not think of it this way, but the pizza industry was likely one of the first to offer vegetarian cuisine. Maybe Dad wants pepperoni, but the kids want cheese-only and Mom wants a veggie pie like our Mt. Veggiemore.

At Mountain Mike’s, we are always sensitive to the wants and needs of our guests and generally adopt whatever’s in demand from our customer. But we don’t respond to every flash-in-the-pan trend that comes along, either.

Mountain Mike’s franchising embraces the basics

Mountain Mike’s has been building a pizza empire along the West Coast for over 40 years, and the secret to our longevity is no secret at all: We offer strong, consistent systems for the franchise owner and strong, consistent attention to guest service. That means everything from supplying a warm, welcoming atmosphere where folks can watch the big game to always creating “Pizza the way it oughta be®”.

For example, our crispy, curly pepperoni is part of what made Mountain Mike’s famous, and we’ve got a special vendor who makes the pepperoni just the way our guests like it. Swiss American Sausage Co. sales rep Bob Darling notes that Mountain Mike’s stands out because it doesn’t play in the $5/value pizza pool.

“It’s quality product,” he says. “It’s not Little Caesars, it’s not Papa John’s, it’s not Pizza Hut, it’s not Domino’s,” he says. “It’s really good pizza. Customers appreciate it and see the value in the product.

“Anybody can make a cheap pizza, but there’s only one Mountain Mike’s.”